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Introduction to Art Textiles

In order to be successful in Art Textiles, you need to have a genuine passion for Art, Fashion and Textiles. Although this course demands your time and commitment, we believe you will find the challenges rewarding and fulfilling. This subject provides the ideal platform for any student wishing to pursue the extensive career opportunities in Fine Art, Fashion and creative and visual arts fields. It will also appeal to those students who have been successful at GCSE and wish to maintain a creative balance within their studies at A-Level. Unlike any other centre, we focus on your strengths as an individual and allow you to explore your own creativity. Unit 1 and 3 are personal to you and enable you to find your own artistic style from a wide range of starting points unique to you.

Teaching & Assessment

Year 12
Unit 1-  Coursework (60% of the AS)
Unit 2 - Externally set exam paper (40% of the AS) - 8 weeks preparation (max) 10 hour exam.

Year 13
Unit 3 – Coursework Extended Personal Project this unit is now marked as a stand-alone piece of work. (60%)
Unit 4 - Externally set exam paper - 8 weeks preparation (40%) 15 hour exam.

Vocational Progression

You could work within many creative industry disciplines, such as Advertising, Animation, Archaeology, Architecture, Teaching, Art Therapy, Stylist, Concept Designer, Creative Director, Ceramic Design, Sculpture, Graphics, Bookbinding, Conservation, Textile or Fashion Design, Art Technician, Display Or Interior Design, Visual Merchandising, Curator and Industrial Design.

Course Structure

Year 12

• Workshops and an experimental portfolio.
• Experimental Art, Couture Fashion and Form as Art  are units of   works to explore.
• You will need to understand the key concepts of a wide range of   techniques.
• Have the skills to visually analyse art discussing the form, process   content and mood.
• Be able to research effectively, using what you have discovered to   influence the work you produce in a creative and imaginative way


Year 13

YEAR 13 (A-Level only)
You decide your own theme for the Extended Personal Project. This decision is based on strengths from artists you have found interesting.

Within this unit you will produce a 1,000 - 3,000 word theoretical investigation into the works of other artists.

Produce an experimental portfolio showing how you have explored, experimented and investigated a range of Art Textiles techniques, including instruction notes and reflective evaluation about the processes.