Psychology A-Level Course

Introduction to Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It examines the motivations behind why we do the things we do. If you are the kind of person who wants to look deeper, beyond the surface, and explore the causes of behaviour, challenge your perceptions, your stereotypes and your beliefs then this is the subject for you.

The study of psychology will give you a clearer understanding of the people you work with, your friendship groups, your own behaviour and why sometimes you do things and have no idea why. It is a fundamental part of any job which involves working with people and has expanded so much in the last fifty years that psychology is involved in almost every job you could ever do. From advertising to nursing, police work to the sports industry, retail to teaching, Psychology will help you communicate, understand the motivations of others and how to get the best out of those you work with.

Teaching & Assessment

Year 12
2 x written papers each worth 50% of the AS level.
The AS equates to 40% of the overall content of the course.

Year 13
3 x written papers each worth 33.3% of the A-Level.

This A-Level equates to 60% of the overall course content.

Vocational Progression

Psychologists are highly valued and studies in this subject prepare you for a variety of courses at University which include the many different types of Psychologists (Clinical, Counselling, Educational, Forensic, Occupational, Sport and Exercise), Childcare, Law, Criminology, Teaching, Nursing and the Police Force. Any career that involves interaction with people is one that would benefit from a psychological insight.

Course Structure

Year 12

• Memory.
• Attachment.
• Psychology in context.
• Approaches in Psychology.
• Psychopathology.
• Research Methods.

Year 13

Year 12 content, plus:
• Psychodynamic & Humanistic Approaches.
• Additional Research Methods.
• Issues & Debates.
• Relationships.
• Schizophrenia.
• Forensic Psychology.