Working at a Creative Agency Opened My Eyes

From taking part in work experience in Kaleidoscope, I have developed my knowledge and learned many new skills in the marketing sector of business. Through participation in the different departments such as social media, design, and management, I was spoilt for choice with all the activities and work tasks! I was taught how crucial design is to any marketing company and also how to create a piece of advertising for a client by working alongside the Graphic Designer. From this, I picked up skills such as time-management (through meeting multiple strict deadlines) and also the key aspects of graphic design. Working in the social media department was interesting for me as I was introduced to the professional side of it.

However, working alongside the strategic manager was a true eye-opener for me. I got the opportunities to be involved in meetings with the agency team, and other marketing companies from around the globe. Being involved in the meetings was the highlight of my experience and allowed me to get a real taste of what it would be like to work in a creative marketing company. They have not only been an inspiration to me but have encouraged me to pursue my career in business and marketing. I have been invited back,  and am more than excited to work for another week in October to get a broader understanding of this field. The staff at Rainhill Sixth Form have been crucial in connecting me, and other students, to the real-world, alongside our academic studies, to increase our employability. I am very thankful for all the opportunities provided through the Super Curriculum, and the Student Media Team.

Laura is a Year 13 Rainhill Sixth Form student, studying Business Studies A Level
English Language A Level and Creative Media BTEC.

A bit about Kalidescope, Liverpool
“A creative agency that delivers an outstanding experience through strategy, design and digital.”

How do they work, what do they do?
“People can connect with brands and causes anywhere and anytime they want. So we push our thinking beyond the boundaries of marketing channels and focus on creative ideas that deepen those connections. This allows us to shape experiences — whether that's informing, exciting or inspiring your audience, from customers and employees to stakeholders and communities.”

Super Curriculum at Rainhill Sixth Form
“The super curriculum has now been running at Rainhill for the past year and a half and has an enormous impact on student’s progression. Students can no longer rely on grades alone to get them into top apprenticeships or University places; thousands of other young people will have the same. It’s all about making yourself stand out! Be unique! The Super Curriculum helps students do this in a structured way.  Our Wednesday Super curriculum lectures and workshops (and independent work outside), aims to push students to find work experience opportunities, reading, and courses to help them stand out from the crowd. Developing employability skills alongside academic knowledge is the perfect combination for a perfect progression pathway.” Jo Morrell,  KS5 Learning Mentor

Sixth Form students enjoying a Super Curriculum activity, September 2017.

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