English Language

English Language A Level is very different to its GCSE counterpart. It is challenging with analysis of the intricacies of the English Language at the heart of the course.  You will encounter countless exciting texts and data-based sources from a variety of different genres – and not only written data but spoken too.

Course Aims

You will have the opportunity to explore the ways in which English functions in the real world, from how children learn to speak to how English has secured its place as a dominant world language. The course aims to develop a wide range of skills including critical reading, data analysis, developing and sustaining arguments in written format.

Entry Requirements

Minimum GCSE grade 6 or equivalent in English Language.


The prestigious nature of this A Level means that it opens a vast list of university courses and employment opportunities.  Degree courses associated with all stages of Education from Early Years to Secondary, Law, Journalism and Advertising are highly appropriate progression routes. The depth of writing skills developed on the course also makes this an ideal foundation for careers within business and industry.

Awarding Body

AQA A-level English Language. This is a level 3 qualification.


The weighting of assessment is 20% NEA project and 80% examinations.

The project will be set and marked by your teacher and then externally moderated.

There are two examinations which are both completed at the end of year 13. They carry an equal weighting of 40% each of your overall grade. Both are set and marked by the exam board and they have a duration of 2 hours 30 minutes each.

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