Advice for Exams

Exams are tough. We know they are but here at Rainhill Sixth Form you will get all the help you need to feel the most prepared and comfortable that you can, meaning you will perform to the best of your ability.

We have LP exams three times a year. These mock examinations are held in the Sports Hall and Arts theatre to reflect the real examination conditions to help you feel more comfortable and familiar before the real thing.

All examinations, for A Level subjects are now sat in the Summer of Year 13, whilst vocational subjects may have examinations in Year 12 too.

Our top tip for making sure you’re prepared for exams at Rainhill Sixth Form is not to cram! You have up to 12 study periods a week. Using these to work through notes, extension work, your own research and past exam papers, steadily and consistently is the best way to feel comfortable when the real exams arrive.

We have added some websites below that we think would be of use, but your first port of call must always be your Rainhill Sixth Form subject teachers or learning mentors. Remember, we are all here to support you, just ask!

Rainhill Sixth Form recommended websites for exam advice
Revision support

Examination nerves

Study Skills