The Bridging Pack

Applied for Rainhill Sixth form to start in September 2018? You should have received your Bridging pack to complete over the summer holidays.

What is the bridging pack?

There is no getting away from the fact that study at KS5 is a serious step up from GCSE. The amount of content you have to learn is much greater than at KS4 and the depth, quality and sophistication of the work you will need to produce to achieve high grades will present a significant challenge for all students. Bottom line – it is hard!

To support you in bridging the gap, we are providing bridging work. All subjects have produced 5-10 hours’ worth of work for you to do over the summer break. Included in the pack is the work from all of the subjects that you could choose to study over the next two years.

Given the challenging nature of KS5 it is absolutely crucial that you hit the ground running, so the idea behind giving you this work is to allow you to get into your new courses, or to explore other courses if you are still unsure about which to choose

5 reasons I should complete the Bridging pack work…(Some real and some not)…

  1. It will support you in stepping up from GCSE to A-level standard;
  2. It will stop your brain going to mush with too much day time tele!
  3. It allows you to explore the types of things you will be studying on your course, meaning you can make an informed choice whether it’s for you or not;
  4. It gets you out of walking the dog – “Sorry, I can’t I have to complete my bridging pack for Sixth form”
  5. It will help you in your induction tests which are at the end of September 2018;Can’t find your Bridging pack booklet?No fear, it’s here! Click on the Bridging pack photo to open. Make sure you complete it thoroughly and bring it with you on your first week at Rainhill Sixth Form, starting 5th September 2018.