Rainhill’s outstanding enrichment programme, the Supercurriculum, kicked in this week with a taster session on the Brazillian martial art, Capoeira. Taught by Mestre Parente of Cordao De Ouro Capoeira, over 20 students from Year 12 and 13, learnt the basic skills and techniques, combining dance, acrobatics and music.

The supercurriculum is designed to give the students a taste of something different to help with their progression to University and beyond. This outstanding enrichment programme offers opportunities to all students to use their Wednesday afternoons to benefit them for their future.  It was also lovely to welcome of first golden ticket winners from Rainhill High School who had been nominated by their teachers to join in as a treat. The four girls blended seamlessly with our Sixth Form students and worked hard to produce some excellent moves.

Starting with a warm up, students quickly progressed into handstands and cartwheels over the dance studio, building their confidence to try out moves. Students progressed to learning the ginga move, important in Capoeira for keeping the energy high and the participant from being a static target and several kicks, from single to double.

Combining these moves, the students were able to take part in the game of Capoeira, using attack and defence moves in playful combat. Other students formed a roda, or circle, clapping and chanting to keep the energy high whilst the players who received the Chamada (or call to play) cartwheeled in and high fived out!

To end the session, students got to experiment with their rhythm in a different way, playing a range of instruments, from drums and tambourines to shakers, and joining in with a chant in a call and response. The room was alive with noise and happiness with all students losing their inhibitions, relaxing and enjoying the experience.

It really was a fabulous way to start the Supercurriculum program giving the students access to outstanding enrichment that help them to write competitive applications whilst indulging in their subjects and extending their learning. Here’s hoping the rest of the program packs this much punch!