On Wednesday 14th November 2018, we welcomed back DLA Piper to debate the complex legal issue of human rights, looking at what constitutes a human right and what happens when two people’s human rights conflict. Delivering an interactive workshop on behalf of Amnesty international, this is the third year we have held this session as part of supercurriculum and it never fails to tax our brain and stimulate excellent debate.

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Students started by learning the definition of human rights as a legal term. They then worked in groups to discuss what human rights they thought were afforded to us under that umbrella. Once the full list was revealed, students then started a new debate on which ones they thought were absolutes and which were not. Lively conversations took place about why some human rights were not allowed to be contested and why some could be in a court of law and students stretched their thinking by bringing in knowledge and understanding from their Law and Sociology A-levels.

Next, the students moved on to looking at a fictional case study. This involved a soldier who had been sent to war by the British government but had not been fully protected by the most up-to-date weaponry or machinery. Because of this, he had been seriously injured and his friend killed. Students worked in groups to discuss whether his human rights had been breached and whether or not he could sue the British government.

Once this case had been closed, students went on to look at conflicts in human rights, working on a fictional celebrity case to present back in the form of a role play. Working in two teams, to prepare the prosecution and defence cases, students then took part in a in a mock law court, presenting their cases and being cross-examined by the ‘judge’. Ruling on the side of the press, the hammer fell on the close of the afternoon.


Next week we will be welcoming another big name to Rainhill Sixth Form in the form of the Red Cross who will be delivering a First Aid workshop for 20 students. Next week also sees the return of the #RHGoldTicket with invitations going out to the Year 11 Health and Social care class who will all be invited as a treat.