Other enrichment at Rainhill Sixth Form 


At Rainhill Sixth Form we appreciate that there needs to be a balance between work and rest. That is why, on top of our more academic focused enrichment, we offer a number of sports clubs.

Sports have always been a central part of education at Rainhill High School and now, we are building this tradition at Rainhill Sixth Form. Rainhill Sixth Form now has its own boys football team who have performed well in their first season. Follow their twitter account below for all the latest scores. In 2019-2020, we have a brand new Under 18’s Girls netball team starting too. The netball team was set up due to popular demand from our current Year 11 students, so if there is a sports club you fancy that we don’t offer at Rainhill Sixth Form, just ask. In 2019 – 2020 we will also be developing our Girls football team, with many of the Under 18’s LFC Women playing.

Our new partnership for 2019 – 2020 with FEFA will further our provision of extracurricular sports too. If you wish to take the Route 1 option in our partnership with FEFA, you will study your Level 3 subjects at Rainhill Sixth Form full time. You will also have training timetabled, which will be based at Rainhill Sixth Form. Further, FEFA have four teams that play on a Wednesday afternoon. Two are in the Merseyside Competition, and two are in the national ESFA league. If you sign up as part of FEFA you will be able to play in these matches. Female FEFA applicants will play their football for Rainhill Under 18’s coached by LFC Coaches.

What Rainhill Sixth Form students say about our other enrichment…

“It keeps us motivated in class because it gives us something to aim for.” NW, current Year 12, talking about Rainhill First XI football team. 

“It’s a good team. We all get on with each other. Everyone wants the same outcomes. We have to do well in our lessons to be selected for the team so this helps us stay focused.” SE, current Year 12, talking about Rainhill First XI football team. 

“It builds good relationships with the team members and also the community as people come to support us. It also helps in business lessons as we have to do group projects. Because of the football team, we have all bonded so team work in lessons is easier.” AA, current Year 12, talking about Rainhill First XI Football team.