Our supercurriculum marketing this week worked as a room of Year 12 Rainhill Sixth Form students and #RHGoldticket winners were converted to join us at a talk from on marketing and communications.

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Andy Donnelly, a freelance marketing and communications expert held the room for an hour, as part of our outstanding enrichment programme at Rainhill Sixth form. Showing the students a range of graphics and pictures of his work, such as newspaper articles and press releases, Andy asked the students to guess what he did. He then went on to explain each picture and how they related to marketing. He explained industry developments, towards digital marketing and communications, giving the students some excellent insights into how to follow up this supercurriculum with further reading or MOOCs.

Students considered branding and discussed their favourite brands, why they were their favourites and how branding worked. Picking up on our new promotional video for Rainhill Sixth Form, students dissected how the USPs and core messages had been portrayed through it and discussed why this was a good piece of media.

Andy threw in useful industry insights, such as Puma out performing Adidas and Nike for their ROI in marketing expenditure and students who want to apply to university were encouraged to use these golden nuggets to super charge their personal statements.

After a short question and answer session, Andy stayed around to chat to students in Year 13 who were finishing off their UCAS forms and applying for marketing and advertising. Andy talked about gaze recognition which is now been used in digital advertising and the students were encouraged to go and do further reading and research around this. The differences between advertising and marketing courses were also discussed with great careers advice and course choice advice been given.

Another insightful supercurriculum session which students ‘liked’ by the comments made.

Next week we have DLA Solicitors coming to deliver a session on ‘Human Rights and the Law’ in conjunction with Amnesty International. This always proves a popular session which sees our Law and Sociology students debating moral issues.