Student Destination

Psychology at the University of Sheffield

One of the key reasons I chose Sixth Form was the small class sizes. Being in a smaller class means that you can fully get involved in the lessons and there is more opportunity for the teacher to answer your questions and help you on a one-to-one basis if needed. Also, Rainhill High Sixth Form offered a number of different opportunities that I could get involved in. 
I have chosen to go onto University as I can further my knowledge in a subject which I am passionate about and this will give me the qualifications to have a career in an area which I will enjoy. Also, not only the academic side, but there are a range of opportunities such as travelling and studying abroad which I will be able to take part in too.

I have chosen to study Psychology at the University of Sheffield. This is a 3 year course in which I will study different strands of human behaviour including memory, perception, childhood development, language and human social interaction. I think all Rainhill Sixth Form Students should take advantage of all the opportunities and get involved in the enrichment activities on offer and work hard…… 
I have gained something from all of my subjects, but Psychology has taught me a range of skills such as extended writing which will be very useful at University.

Meghann Matthews

Apprenticeship at BAE systems

The main reasons I chose Rainhill Sixth Form Centre were the smaller class sizes and 
the fact that I knew the teachers already which I thought would make
for an easier transition to A’ levels.

 After doing Work Experience at BAE systems,

I knew I wanted to do an 
apprenticeship with them. 
Maths and the Sciences were very helpful in gaining this apprenticeship, but the Higher Project was an
invaluable subject, especially when I was interviewed. I would advise Rainhill Sixth Form Students to keep as many pathways open to you as possible because this will give 
you more options later on.

I think the thing I have enjoyed the most during my time here is the friendly atmosphere in the Rainhill Sixth Form Centre.

Adam Pearson