How not to waste your summer at Rainhill Sixth Form

Of course, at Rainhill Sixth form, we know you need to recharge your batteries and be ready for the new academic year. But, you do have a large chunk of time over summer, so why not use some to do some reading or work experience? Letting your grey matter go to mush over the summer is tempting, but using the time you have to gain volunteer or watch a documentary can put you in a great position.

Prospective Rainhill Sixth Form students should be completing bridging work.

These mini tasks are designed to do just what we have been talking about – make your grey matter work. But more importantly, they are there to allow you to dip into your new subjects. Doing your bridging work will give you a real insight into what English Language at Rainhill Sixth form is like or Dance at Level 3. It will help you to prepare yourself for the leap from science at Rainhill High School to science at A-level.

But what else can you be doing with your summer?

Here at Rainhill Sixth Form, we run the supercurriculum program designed to help you gain experiences beyond your studies. The supercurriculum booklet has 15 suggestions in, but here are our top 5 we think you could easily do over summer:

1) Visit – Go and do something you have never done! See something you have never seen. There are plenty of free galleries and museums in Rainhill, or try further afield in Liverpool, Manchester or St Helens.

2) Read – A book, a magazine or a broadsheet newspaper are all good choices and some are free. Try as a starter. Get on and download a book for 99p or go to your local library. WH Smith have a large array of magazines, so you will be sure to find something in your specialism.

3) Watch – Log onto the BBC i-player or any other catch up service to see what documentaries or programs you can find about your subject or career choice or try a TED talk, recorded by leaders in their fields. These interesting talks cover a whole range of subjects.

4) Listen – Download an audio book or listen to a free one on or download the BBC radio app and listen to some fascinating documentaries, plays or audio books free from Radio 4.

5) Do – Why not get some real hands on experience in your future job? Try getting some work experience. Check out for inspiration. If it’s too hard to get work experience in your subject area, try doing a MOOC – Massive Online Open Course – they are free mini courses run by Universities, and look great on your UCAS form.

Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy it!

Find your balance of work and relaxation because we can’t wait to see you at Rainhill Sixth Form in September for a new academic year.