It’s not every week our Supercurriculum activities could be lifesaving but this week it was.Year 12 students, alongside golden ticket winners, spent two hours learning essential first aid with Jane from the Red Cross.

The students were introduced to our patients for the afternoon – ‘Annie’ and ‘Junior’ and were asked what to do if they were choking. Jane demonstrated back blasts and abdominal thrusts and students all had a go on their new plastic friends. Going on to show the students how to help a choking baby, Jane demonstrated how to position it and how to apply chest thrusts. Students were again invited to have a go on the baby dolls if they wished, practicing their positioning and pressure.

Red cross, first aid, annie, CPR

The outlook for our patients soon took a turn for the worse as students were asked how they would deal with a patient who was unresponsive. Jane took the students through a primary survey, also known by the acronym DR ABC.  From checking for danger, shaking shoulders and calling out for a response to opening their airway and checking for breathing and circulation, students were guided through each step of the way. Using Beth, a future medical student from Year 12, Jane demonstrated the procedure and all students then had a go at trying to get a response, opening the air way and checking for breathing on their friends.

The afternoon got no better for ‘Annie’ and ‘Junior’ and the students moved on to administering CPR. Covering the ratio, rate and depth of CPR administration, Jane reminded the students if they lost count, not to worry; doing anything is better than nothing. Jane took the students through the differences between babies, children and adults, doing a demonstration on all three dolls. Students were again invited to have a go on.

Summing up the afternoon, Jane signed the students off, fit to call themselves first aiders, in what could be a truly life changing activity.