The Supercurriculum at Rainhill Sixth Form


Our progression experts at Rainhill Sixth Form know you need more than your A Level or BTEC grades to progress to the best apprenticeships or  Universities. Employers and admissions tutors look for commitment to your subject and an independence in your studies. They want to take people on who live and love their subjects or career paths. They want you to be able to enthuse about English or show you passion for fashion. They want you to be able to evidence your love for what you do by showing them that you have gone beyond the classroom with your learning but how can you do this? 

Here at Rainhill Sixth Form we run the Supercurriculum to ensure that students can do just this. Rainhill Sixth Form’s Supercurriculum is in two parts – independent development and Supercurriculum Wednesdays. 

What one of our Year 13 students did for Supercurriculum at Rainhill Sixth Form…

“I completed some work experience with a company in Manchester city centre which was related to my interest in journalism. I did this over a number of days and had a brief given to me to research and write up an article. This gave me a greater understanding about some of the time constraints and pressures within this industry and also helped to improve my thinking and writing skills. I did an independent project called ‘women and madness’ questioning the patriarchal control of language and women’s intellect and attended talks as part of the super curriculum programme of events. I also completed an online MOOC (massive open on-line course) on William Wordsworth: Poetry, People and Place. Doing this helped me to develop key transferable skills including both critical and contextual analysis, independent study and a deeper understanding of poetry.” LM, attended Rainhill Sixth Form 2016-8 

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